Assist - Default Sentences

Home Assistant comes with built-in sentences contributed by the community for dozens of languages. These sentences allow you to:

  • Turn entities on and off
    • “turn on the living room light”
    • “turn off ceiling fan”
  • Open and close covers
    • “Close the garage door”
    • “Open kitchen window”
  • Set the brightness and color of lights
    • “Change kitchen lights brightness to 50%”
    • “Set bed light to green”

In addition to individual entities, commands can target areas:

  • “turn on all lights in the living room”
  • “open windows in the kitchen”
  • “change kitchen brightness to 50%”
  • “set bedroom lights to green”

Entity aliases are also matched so multiple names can be used, even in different languages.

You can extend the built-in sentences or add your own to trigger any action in Home Assistant.