Enabling a wake word

To use wake words, you need to install the openWakeWord add-on.


  • Home Assistant version 2023.10 or later, installed with the Home Assistant Operating System

Installing the openWakeWord add-on

  1. Go to Settings > Add-ons > openWakeWord and select Install.
  2. Start the add-on.
  3. Go to Settings > Devices & Services.
    • Under Discovered, you should now see the Wyoming integration.
    • Select Configure and Submit.
    • Result: You have successfully installed the openWakeWord add-on and Wyoming integration.
  4. Under Settings > Voice assistants, when you select a voice assistant, in the Wake word section, you should now see the wake word options that are available out of the box. Select wake word
  5. If you do not like the available options, you can create your own wake word.

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