Installation of Home Assistant

Beginners should check our Getting started guide first.

Home Assistant provides multiple ways to be installed. The first start may take up to 20 minutes because the required packages will be downloaded and installed. The web interface will be served on Replace with the IP of the computer you installed it on.

Please remember to secure your installation once you’ve finished with the installation process.


These install options are fully supported by Home Assistant’s documentation. For example, if a component requires that you install something to make it work on one of these methods then the component page will document the steps required.

Method You have Recommended for Raspberry Pi
Docker Docker Anybody already running Docker
Hassbian Raspberry Pi Those who want a more traditional Linux experience and either have experience with Linux, or intend to learn

Alternative installs

If you use these install methods, we assume that you know how to manage and administer the operating system you’re using. Due to the range of platforms on which these install methods can be used, component documentation may only tell you what you have to install, not how to install it.

Method You have Recommended for
(as another user)
Any Linux, Python 3.5.3 or later Those familiar with their operating system
(as your user)
Any Python 3.5.3 or later Developers

Community provided guides

These guides are provided as-is. Some of these install methods are more limited than the methods above. Some components may not work due to limitations of the platform or because required Python packages aren’t available for that platform.