0.26: Foursquare, Fast.com, FFMPEG and GPSD


It’s time for 0.26 and it’s again full of new features and fixes. First I want to highlight that we are now having 500 000 monthly pageviews on the website. A big milestone for us! It’s been an amazing journey. Big thanks to the Home Assistant community for being such a delightful bunch.

This release includes code contributed by 31 different people. The biggest change in this release is a new unit system. Instead of picking Celsius or Fahrenheit you’ll have to pick imperial or metric now. This influences the units for your temperature, distance, and weight. This will simplify any platform or component that needs to know this information. Big thanks to @Teagan42 for her hard work on this!

Hotfix 0.26.1 - August 14

  • Fix serial_pm config validation (@open-homeautomation)
  • Check for existence of system mode on Honeywell thermostats (@mKeRix)
  • Fix unknown unit of measurement for hvac and thermostat component (@turbokongen)

Hotfix 0.26.2 - August 15

  • Fix Wemo: have PyWemo play nicely with the latest Requests (@pavoni)

Hotfix 0.26.3 - August 19

  • Media Player cover art would not work when an API password was set. Thanks to @maddox for reporting it and @balloob for the fix.

Backward-incompatible changes

  • A new unit system has superseded the temperature unit option in the core configuration. For now it is backwards compatible, but you should update soon:
# Configuration.yaml example
  # 'metric' for the metric system, 'imperial' for the imperial system
  unit_system: metric