The Fitbit sensor allows you to expose data from Fitbit to Home Assistant.


You need to configure developer credentials to allow Home Assistant to access your Fitbit account.


To add the Fitbit integration to your Home Assistant instance, use this My button:

The integration setup will next give you instructions to enter the Application Credentials (OAuth Client ID and Client Secret) and authorize Home Assistant to access your Fitbit account

Additional information

Please be aware that Fitbit has very low rate limits, 150 per user per hour. The clock resets at the top of the hour (meaning it is not a rolling 60 minutes). There is no way around the limits. Due to the rate limits, the sensor only updates every 30 minutes. You can manually trigger an update by restarting Home Assistant. Keep in mind that 1 request is used for every sensor.

The unit system that the sensor will use is based on the country you set in your Fitbit profile.