The foursquare integration accepts pushes from the Foursquare Real-Time API and a service to check users in on Swarm.

# Example configuration.yaml entry
  access_token: "<foursquare access token>"
  push_secret: "<foursquare push secret>"

Configuration Variables

access_token string Required

A Foursquare API access token.

push_secret string Required

The push secret that Foursquare provides to you in the app dashboard.

Getting the access token

After you have registered your APP on your My Apps Page you get a CLIENT_ID and you have specified a REDIRECT_URL which can be any URL you like, but since it will get your access token via an HTTP GET request, it should be a URL which will ignore the access_token HTTP GET variable. A good idea is to choose the URL of your Home Assistant. Visit the following URL in your browser:

and change the CLIENT_ID and YOUR_REGISTERED_REDIRECT_URL to your actual values. You will receive an OAuth request landing page, asking you if you want to connect your Foursquare account to your newly created app. Say “Yes”. After that, you will get redirected to your REDIRECT_URL with the access_token as an HTTP GET variable. Copy everything after the = and paste it in your configuration.yaml as the access_token.

Real-Time API

The integration accepts pushes from Foursquare at /api/foursquare. The route does not require authentication.

Foursquare check-in events can be used out of the box to trigger automation actions, e.g.:

  - alias: "Trigger action when you check into a venue."
      platform: event
      event_type: foursquare.push
      service: script.turn_on
        entity_id: script.my_action

Check ins

To check a user in, use the foursquare/checkin service.


  • venueId (Required): The Foursquare venue where the user is checking in.
  • eventId (Optional): The event the user is checking in to.
  • shout (Optional): A message about your check-in. The maximum length of this field is 140 characters.
  • mentions (Optional): Mentions in your check-in. This parameter is a semicolon-delimited list of mentions. A single mention is of the form “start,end,userid”, where start is the index of the first character in the shout representing the mention, end is the index of the first character in the shout after the mention, and userid is the userid of the user being mentioned. If userid is prefixed with “fbu-”, this indicates a Facebook userid that is being mention. Character indices in shouts are 0-based.
  • broadcast (Optional): “Who to broadcast this check-in to. Accepts a comma-delimited list of values: private (off the grid) or public (share with friends), Facebook share on Facebook, X share on X, followers share with followers (celebrity mode users only), If no valid value is found, the default is public.”
  • ll (Optional): Latitude and longitude of the user’s location. Only specify this field if you have a GPS or other device reported location for the user at the time of check-in.
  • llAcc (Optional): Accuracy of the user’s latitude and longitude, in meters.
  • alt (Optional): Altitude of the user’s location, in meters.
  • altAcc (Optional): Vertical accuracy of the user’s location, in meters.