0.7.6: Amazon FireTV, Radiotherm thermostats


After two weeks of hard work I’m proud to announce the release of Home Assistant v0.7.6. For this release the main focus was bugs, test coverage and documentation. And we exceeded expectations on all three fronts. Bugs have been squashed, test coverage increased to 85% and thanks to the hard work by @fabaff and myself the component section on the website has gotten a complete revamp.


Backward-incompatible changes

As part of this release we did some cleanup which introduced backwards incompatible changes:

Heat Control thermostat no longer includes scheduling features. This feature has been removed completely. Use the automation component instead to control target temperature.

Config changed for calling a service from a script. execute_service: has been replaced with service:. See component page for example. The old method will continue working for some time.

Scenes can no longer be turned off. It is no longer possible to turn a scene off after it has been activated. The way it worked was unpredictable and causes a lot of confusion.

Downloader treats relative paths now relative to the config dir instead of the current working dir. This makes more sense as most people run Home Assistant as a daemon