0.32: Hacktoberfest, InfluxDB sensor, Error reporting, and Weather


Another two weeks have passed and we are pleased to present Home Assistant 0.32.


The Hacktoberfest is over now. Home Assistant made the 2nd and the 3rd place out of almost 30’000 participating repositories with a total of 528 pull requests closed - that’s an average of 17 pull requests a day! Thanks to all the contributors but also to the team of reviewers. This wouldn’t been possible without you 👏 .

Improved error reporting

This release has improved the reporting when a config validation error occurs. Thanks to @kellerza you will now get a persistent notification added to your UI when this happens.


This release contains the first asynchronous sensor and camera platforms. @pvizeli and @fabaff ported most of the “internal” sensors to async programming. We hope that you will enjoy the new speed.

@balloob and @pvizeli worked a lot on the improvement of the core itself.

Weather component

For a long time we have had a bunch of weather sensors but it’s getting better: There is now a Weather component. Sorry, not much more to tell right now. The plans are to create a weather UI element and to improve the initial implementation.

All changes

Release 0.32.1 - November 6

We’ve added a warning to 0.32 to catch platforms accidentally slowing down Home Assistant. Our aim is to fix these quickly when reported, so here is 0.32.1 with all reported platforms fixed.

  • Fix Sonos doing I/O inside the event loop (@pvizeli)
  • Fix Radiotherm doing I/O inside the event loop (@balloob)
  • Fix camera MJPEG streams when using HTTP 1.0 (@balloob)

Release 0.32.2 - November 7

  • Move Honeywell I/O out of the event loop (@balloob)
  • Use sequential updates for non-async entities to prevent race conditions (@pvizeli)
  • Fix setting temperature in Celsius on Radiotherm CT50 thermostats (@andyat)
  • Fix PiLight config validation (@DavidLP)

Release 0.32.3 - November 11

  • Fix OpenWeather weather platform doing I/O in event loop (@lwis)
  • Fix Alarm.com doing I/O in event loop (@jnewland)
  • Fix Tellstick doing I/O in event loop (@balloob)
  • Fix KNX doing I/O in event loop (@balloob)
  • Increase warning threshold for catching platforms that do I/O (@balloob)
  • Change pilight systemcode validation (@janLo)
  • Fix Yamaha discovering already configured receivers (@sdague)
  • Fix Sonos from installing dependency each time HA was started (@pvizeli)
  • Fix Synology camera SSL and error handling (@pvizeli)
  • Fix Panasonic Viera doing I/O in event loop (@balloob)
  • Improve generic camera error handling (@kellerza)
  • Light - Flux Led Lights: allow specifying mode if light does not support white mode (@DanielHiversen)
  • Fix Rest switch default template (@pvizeli)

Release 0.32.4 - November 15

  • Fix device tracker from crashing HASS when a new device was discovered (@balloob)
  • HTTP: Fix X-Forwarded-For feature (@mweinelt)


Our website has now an additional category called “Ecosystem”. This will become the place where tools, apps, and other helper for the Home Assistant ecosystem can store their documentation or guides.

Backward-incompatible changes

  • The Yahoo Finance platform supports now multiple stock. Please adjust your configuration.
  • Deprecated components garage_door, rollershutter, thermostat, and hvac have been removed.
  • The minimum Python version on Windows has been bumped to Python 3.5.
  • The Insteon Hub integration has been disabled due to a request from Insteon.

If you need help…

…don’t hesitate to use our Forum or join us for a little chat. The release notes have comments enabled but it’s preferred if you the former communication channels. Thanks.