0.24: SQLAlchemy, KNX, Join by Joaoapps, and SimpliSafe.


It’s time for Home Assistant 0.24 and it’s full of new integration for your Home. It contains some structural changes to our history which requires action from your end, so please keep reading.

MapQuest discontinued their free and direct tile access by Monday, July 11, 2016. With CARTO we found a very cool and suitable solution. They allow us to use their tile for the map. Thank you, CARTO.

Roy Hooper did an amazing job migrating the history support from being tied to SQLite to use the ORM SQLAlchemy instead. This means that you can now use any SQL backend for the history. So besides SQLite you can now databases like MySQL or PostgreSQL. However, this does require that you install SQLAlchemy and run a command to migrate your existing history over. We tried to make the process as seamless as possible by introducing a new command line script:

pip3 install SQLAlchemy
hass --script db_migrator --config /path/to/config

You can omit the --config option if you use the default configuration directory. Run the script with --help to get more options.

Hotfix 0.24.1 - July 21

Quick hot fix after we found a bug in the migrator where it wouldn’t work with a database in a non-standard location. Thanks to @n8henrie and @AlucardZero.

Backward-incompatible changes

  • Migrating existing databases (see above).
  • The APCUPSd Sensor was updated. This will need that you modify your configuration.yaml file.
  • Entity IDs of Verisure locks will change. This is a one time change but should improve readability.