Joaoapps Join

The joaoapps_join integration exposes services from Join. In Home Assistant, the Joaoapps Join features are divided up in two locations, the Join integration, and the Joaoapps Join notify platform. The notify platform allows us to send messages to Joaoapps Join devices, the integration allows us to access the other special features that Joaoapps Join offers. When in doubt, you can reference the API documentation this is based on.

In the configuration.yaml file you need to provide the API key and device id or name of the target device. You can find your device id and API key here.

To set it up, add the following information to your configuration.yaml file:

# Example configuration.yaml entry
  - platform: joaoapps_join
    api_key: YOUR_API_KEY
    device_id: DEVICE_ID
    device_ids: DEVICE_ID_1,DEVICE_ID_2
    device_names: DEVICE_1_NAME,DEVICE_2_NAME
    name: NAME
  - name: NAME_OF_GROUP
    device_id: GROUP.GROUP_NAME
    api_key: YOUR_API_KEY

Configuration Variables

api_key string Required

The API key for Join.

device_id string (Optional)

The id of your device or group

device_ids string (Optional)

Comma separated list of device ids or groups.

device_names string (Optional)

Comma separated list of device names.

name string (Optional)

The name parameter is optional but needed if you want to use multiple notification platforms. The platform will be exposed as service notify.<name>. The name will default to notify if not supplied. See the Notifications integration for more details.

Use only one of device_id, device_ids, or device_names, this will determine the notification recipient(s).

# Example configuration.yaml entry
  - platform: joaoapps_join
    api_key: YOUR_API_KEY
    device_id: DEVICE_ID1
    name: NAME1
  - platform: joaoapps_join
    api_key: YOUR_API_KEY
    device_id: DEVICE_ID2
    name: NAME2

The notify service has several optional parameters: icon, smallicon, image, sound, url, notification_id, category, tts, tts_language and vibration. You can use them like so:

message: Hello from Home Assistant!
title: Home Assistant
  vibration: 0,65,706,86,657,95,668,100
  notification_id: hass-notification
  category: Custom Notification Category
  tts: Notification from Home Assistant
  tts_language: english
      - Tweet from HASS!

The services exposed in the joaoapps_join integration can be used with the service data described below:

Service Data
joaoapps_join/send_sms {"number":"5553334444", "message":"Hello!"}
joaoapps_join/send_tasker {"command":"test"}
joaoapps_join/send_url {"url":""}
joaoapps_join/send_wallpaper {"url":""}
joaoapps_join/send_file {"url":""}