Persistent Notification

The persistent_notification integration can be used to show a notification on the frontend that has to be dismissed by the user.


The service persistent_notification.create takes in message, title, and notification_id.

Service data attribute Optional Description
message no Body of the notification.
title yes Title of the notification.
notification_id yes If notification_id is given, it will overwrite the notification if there already was a notification with that ID.

The persistent_notification integration supports specifying templates for both the message and the title. This will allow you to use the current state of Home Assistant in your notifications.

In an action of your automation setup it could look like this with a customized subject.

  service: persistent_notification.create
    message: "Your message goes here"
    title: "Custom subject"

The service persistent_notification.dismiss requires a notification_id.

Service data attribute Optional Description
notification_id no the notification_id is required to identify the notification that should be removed.

This service allows you to remove a notifications by script or automation.

  service: persistent_notification.dismiss
    notification_id: "1234"

This automation example shows a notification when the Z-Wave network is starting and removes it when the network is ready.

- alias: 'Z-Wave network is starting'
    - platform: event
      event_type: zwave.network_start
    - service: persistent_notification.create
        title: "Z-Wave"
        message: "Z-Wave network is starting..."
        notification_id: zwave

- alias: 'Z-Wave network is ready'
    - platform: event
      event_type: zwave.network_ready
    - service: persistent_notification.dismiss
        notification_id: zwave

Markdown support

The message attribute supports the Markdown formatting syntax. Some examples are:

Type Message
Headline 1 # Headline
Headline 2 ## Headline
Newline \n
Bold **My bold text**
Cursive *My cursive text*
Link [Link](
Image ![image](/local/my_image.jpg)

/local/ in this context refers to the .homeassistant/www/ folder.

Create a persistent notification

Choose the Services tab from the Developer Tools sidebar item, then select the persistent_notification.create service from the “Service” dropdown. Enter something like the sample below into the Service Data field and press the CALL SERVICE button.

  "notification_id": "1234",
  "title": "Sample notification",
  "message": "This is a sample text"

This will create the notification entry shown above.