MQTT Testing

The mosquitto broker package ships commandline tools (often as *-clients package) to send and receive MQTT messages. As an alternative have a look at hbmqtt_pub and hbmqtt_sub which are provided by HBMQTT. For sending test messages to a broker running on localhost check the example below:

$ mosquitto_pub -h -t home-assistant/switch/1/on -m "Switch is ON"

If you are using the embedded MQTT broker, the command looks a little different because you need to add the MQTT protocol version and your broker credentials.

$ mosquitto_pub -V mqttv311 -u homeassistant -P <broker password> -t "hello" -m world

Another way to send MQTT messages by hand is to use the “Developer Tools” in the Frontend. Choose “Call Service” and then mqtt.publish under “Available Services”. Enter something similar to the example below into the “Service Data” field.

   "payload":"Switch is ON"

The message should appear on the bus:

... [homeassistant] Bus:Handling <Event MQTT_MESSAGE_RECEIVED[L]: topic=home-assistant/switch/1/on, qos=0, payload=Switch is ON>

For reading all messages sent on the topic home-assistant to a broker running on localhost:

$ mosquitto_sub -h -v -t "home-assistant/#"

For the embedded MQTT broker the command looks like:

$ mosquitto_sub -v -V mqttv311 -u homeassistant -P <broker password> -t "#"