Velbus Switches

The velbus switch allows you to control Velbus connected switches.

To use your Velbus switches in your installation, add the following to your configuration.yaml file:

# Example configuration.yaml entry

  - platform: velbus
       - name: Switch 1
         type: single
         module: 0xda
         channel: 4
       - name: Switch 2
         type: double
         module: 0xbc
         open_channel: 1
         close_channel: 2

Configuration variables:

  • devices array (Required): The array contains the switches to configure
    • name (Required): Name of the switch.
    • module (Required): The hexadecimal module address
    • type (Required): Either single or double. If single, only channel attribute is required. If double, both open_channel and close_channel attributes are required
    • channel (Required): The channel number in the module.

For hub configuration, see the Velbus component.