0.23: Envisalink, Homematic, HDMI-CEC and Sony Bravia TV


It’s time for Home Assistant 0.23 and it’s full of goodies. It’s also the release that bumps us over a 1000 tests and to 94% test coverage! Also our install issues on the Raspberry Pi and Synology have been resolved.

This release brings support for two new ecosystems: Envisalink and Homematic. We can now also control your TV via HDMI using HDMI-CEC (which works on the Pi!) and another cool feature is the persistent notifications which allow you to add a notification to the frontend till dismissed.

Wink support has been dramatically improved by migrating to the PubNub API. This allows Wink to push changes from their system to Home Assistant. This change came just in time as somehow our Wink integration was causing a lot of requests to their servers. Thanks to Wink for letting us know so we could solve it instead of blocking us.

On the config side, you can now store your passwords in your OS keyring or just in a standalone file. We also got a new service to reload the core config so no reboots needed anymore after changing customize settings!

Backward-incompatible changes

  • Homematic thermostat configuration has changed and now depends on the new Homematic component.

Hotfix 0.23.1 - July 2

  • Bump PyVera to 0.2.13 to fix traceback and pyvera thread dying related to bug (@rhooper)
  • HTTP - SSL: Check for OP_NO_COMPRESSION support before trying to use it (@AlucardZero)
  • Wink: Downgraded pubnub to work around pycryptodome conflicts (@w1ll1am23)


  • elevation: was introduced to the configuration for weather/sunrise data. For existing configurations add the value shown in the warning [homeassistant.config] Incomplete core config. Auto detected elevation: 665 to your configuration.yaml file.