0.10: Amazon Echo, iCloud, Dweet.io, Twitch and templating support!


Alrighty, it’s time for Home Assistant 0.10. A lot amazing things have changed and sadly we also had to introduce a bunch of backwards incompatible changes. I would like to give a big shoutout to Philip Lundrigan (@philipbl) who put a lot in effort in helping the migration to move towards using templates for a wide variety of platforms.


This release introduces templates. This will allow you to parse data before it gets processed or create messages for notifications on the fly based on data within Home Assistant. The notification component and the new Alexa/Amazon Echo component are both using the new template functionality to render responses. A template editor has been added to the developer tool section in the app so you can get instant feedback if your templates are working or not.

The temperature at home is {{ states('sensor.temperature') }}.

More information and examples can be found in the template documentation.

Backward-incompatible changes

Templates will now be the only way to extract data from ‘raw’ sources like REST, CommandSensor or MQTT. This will replace any specific option that used to do this before. This means that precision, factor, attribute or json_path etc will no longer work.

Affected components and platforms: