Enphase Envoy

A sensor platform for the Enphase Envoy solar energy gateway. Works with older models that only have production metrics (ie. Envoy-C) and newer models that offer both production and consumption metrics (ie. Envoy-S).


To enable this sensor, add the following lines to your configuration.yaml file:

# Example configuration.yaml entry
  - platform: enphase_envoy

Configuration Variables

name string (Optional)

An optional name that will be prepended to the sensor type

ip_address string (Optional)

The local IP address of your Envoy. Leave blank to use the default host name ‘envoy’, but this may not always be reliable. You should be able to just browse to this IP address.

username string (Optional)

Access more information beyond the basics, such as Inverter data. Some Envoy devices do not use the standard username which is used by the API. This lets the user use a different username than the default of ‘envoy’.

password string (Optional)

Password to be used with the username configuration variable.

monitored_conditions list (Optional)

The list of conditions to monitor. If you have an Envoy that doesn’t support consumption metrics (ie. Envoy-C), it’s best only configure the production metrics.


The power in W being produced by the solar panels.


The energy in Wh produced that day.


The energy in Wh produced the last 7 days.


The energy in Wh produced in the lifetime of the Envoy.


The power in W being consumed in the whole house.


The energy in Wh consumed that day.


The energy in Wh consumed the last 7 days.


The energy in Wh consumed in the lifetime of the Envoy.


The power in W being produced by each micro-inverter. This will create a separate sensor for each micro-inverter you have installed. These sensors will only update about every 15 minutes, this is a limitation of the Enphase Envoy API.

Full example

# Example configuration.yaml entry, limiting the metrics to production only
  - platform: enphase_envoy
    name: Optional_name
    ip_address: LOCAL_IP_FOR_ENVOY
      - production
      - daily_production
      - seven_days_production
      - lifetime_production