Z-Wave Services

The zwave component exposes multiple services to help maintain the network. All of these are available through the Z-Wave control panel.

Service Description
add_node Put the Z-Wave controller in inclusion mode. Allows you to add a new device to the Z-Wave network.
add_node_secure Put the Z-Wave controller in secure inclusion mode. Allows you to add a new device with secure communications to the Z-Wave network.
cancel_command Cancels a running Z-Wave command. If you have started an add_node or remove_node command, and decide you are not going to do it, then this must be used to stop the inclusion/exclusion command.
change_association Add or remove an association in the Z-Wave network
heal_network Tells the controller to “heal” the Z-Wave network. Basically asks the nodes to tell the controller all of their neighbors so the controller can re-figure out optimal routing.
heal_node Tells the controller to “heal” a specific node on the network. Requires node_id field. You can also force return route update with return_routes field.
print_config_parameter Prints Z-Wave node’s config parameter value to the (console) log.
print_node Print all states of Z-Wave node.
refresh_entity Refresh the Z-Wave entity by refreshing dependent values.
refresh_node Refresh the Z-Wave node.
refresh_node_value Refresh the specified value of a Z-Wave node.
remove_node Put the Z-Wave controller in exclusion mode. Allows you to remove a device from the Z-Wave network.
rename_node Sets a node’s name. Requires a node_id and name field.
rename_value Sets a value’s name. Requires a node_id, value_id, and name field.
remove_failed_node Remove a failed node from the network. The Node should be on the controller’s Failed Node List, otherwise this command will fail.
replace_failed_node Replace a failed device with another. If the node is not in the controller’s Failed Node List, or the node responds, this command will fail.
reset_node_meters Reset a node’s meter values. Only works if the node supports this.
set_config_parameter Lets the user set a config parameter to a node. NOTE: Use the parameter option’s label string as the value for list parameters (e.g., "value": "Off"). For all other parameters use the relevant integer value (e.g., "value": 1).
set_node_value Set the specified value of a Z-Wave node.
soft_reset Tells the controller to do a “soft reset.” This is not supposed to lose any data, but different controllers can behave differently to a “soft reset” command.
start_network Starts the Z-Wave network.
stop_network Stops the Z-Wave network.
test_network Tells the controller to send no-op commands to each node and measure the time for a response. In theory, this can also bring back nodes which have been marked “presumed dead.”
test_node Tells the controller to send no-op command(s) to a specific node. Requires node_id field. You can specify amount of test_messages to send by specifying it with messages field. In theory, this could bring back nodes marked as “presumed dead”
update_config Attempt to update OZW configuration files from git to support newer devices. After you run this, wait a few minutes then stop Home Assistant. You can now back up your zwcfg_*.xml file, then delete the relevant entries from your zwcfg_*.xml (between and including <Node id="?"> and </Node>), and finally start Home Assistant.

The soft_reset and heal_network commands can be used as part of an automation script to help keep a Z-Wave network running reliably as shown in the example below. By default, Home Assistant will run a heal_network at midnight. This is a configuration option for the zwave component. The option defaults to true but can be disabled by setting autoheal to false. If you’re having issues with your Z-Wave network, try disabling this automation.

Using the soft_reset function with some Z-Wave controllers can cause the Z-Wave network to hang.

# Example configuration.yaml automation entry
  - alias: test at 2:30am
      platform: time
      at: '2:30:00'
      service: zwave.test_network

  - alias: heal at 2:32am
      platform: time
      at: '2:32:00'
      service: zwave.heal_network