The weather platforms are gathering meteorological information from web services and display the conditions and other details about the weather at the given location.

Home Assistant currently supports free web services and such which require a registration. Please check the sidebar for a full list of supported weather platforms.

Condition mapping

The weather platform only knows the below listed conditions. The reason for this is that for these conditions is an icon from Material Design Icons available and mapped in the frontend.

  • ‘clear-night’
  • ‘cloudy’
  • ‘fog’
  • ‘hail’
  • ‘lightning’
  • ‘lightning-rainy’
  • ‘partlycloudy’
  • ‘pouring’
  • ‘rainy’
  • ‘snowy’
  • ‘snowy-rainy’
  • ‘sunny’
  • ‘windy’
  • ‘windy-variant’
  • ‘exceptional’: