Rachio Switch

The rachio switch platform allows you to toggle zones connected to your Rachio irrigation system on and off.

Once configured, a switch will be added for every zone that is enabled on every controller in the account provided, as well as a switch to toggle each controller’s standby mode.

You must have the Rachio component configured to use this switch.

To add this platform to your installation, add the following to your configuration.yaml file:

# Example configuration.yaml entry
  - platform: rachio

Configuration variables:

  • manual_run_mins (Optional): For how long, in minutes, to turn on a station when the switch is enabled. Defaults to 10 minutes.

Water-saving suggestion:
Set manual_run_mins to a high maximum failsafe value when using scripts to control zones. If something goes wrong with your script, Home Assistant, or you hit the Rachio API rate limit of 1700 calls per day, the controller will still turn off the zone after this amount of time.


In this section, you find some real-life examples of how to use this switch.

groups.yaml example

  name: Irrigation
  icon: mdi:water-pump
  view: true
  - group.zones_front
  - group.zones_back
  - switch.side_yard

  name: Front Yard
  view: false
  - switch.front_bushes
  - switch.front_yard

  name: Back Yard
  view: false
  - switch.back_garden
  - switch.back_porch