The ADS (automation device specification) describes a device-independent and fieldbus independent interface for communication between Beckhoff automation devices running TwinCAT and other devices implementing this interface.


To enable ADS, add the following lines to your configuration.yaml file:

# Example configuration.yaml entry
  device: ''
  port: 48898

Configuration Variables


(string)(Required)The AMS NetId that identifies the device.


(integer)(Required)The port that runs the AMS server on the device, typically this would be 801 or 851.


(string)(Optional)The IP address of the ADS device, if not set the first 4 bytes of the device id will be used.


The ADS component will register the service write_by_name allowing you to write a value to a variable on your ADS device.

    "adsvar": ".myvariable",
    "adstype": "int",
    "value": 123

Service parameters:

  • adsvar: Name of the variable on the ADS device. To access global variables on TwinCAT2 use a prepending dot .myvariable, for TwinCAT3 use GBL.myvariable.
  • adstype: Specify the type of the variable. Use one of the following: int, byte, uint, bool
  • value: The value that will be written in the variable.