Community Highlights: 24th edition


The 24th edition of the Home Assistant Community Highlights! Some interesting things popped up around our community, which we thought was worth sharing.

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Intern on Home Assistant Energy

Blueprint of the week

I think this situation is familiar to many parents: your children who get out of bed too early and who you would like to learn when it is the right time to get out of bed.

This week’s blueprint is that of koosvanw, who created a blueprint for the above situation that works with a light that can change color and where the brightness can also be adjusted. Try it out! Read more about it on the community forum or install this automation in your instance with a click on the My button!

Threedy card

Do you have a 3D printer and are you not quite sure how to display it in a beautiful way in your Lovelace dashboard? Then try this card from dangreco, which works well in combination with octoprint.

ESPHome weather station

Have you always wanted to build a weather station in your garden? Then try the ESPHome variant of hugokernel, it is quite extensive with many measuring options.

Garage fingerprint

This week we also came across something cool that was shared on our subreddit page. For example, you could open a garage door by means of geofencing from your phone or with an NFC tag. But Nhminer has tried another option, namely opening with a fingerprint sensor 😲

Do you want to know more about it? Then also check this forum topic.

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