Our Google Assistant skill is live!


Home Assistant logo and the Works with the Google Assistant badge

Guess what? Yep, our Google Assistant Smart Home skill is live! It’s a mouthful but it means that you can now control your Home Assistant devices via any Google Assistant enabled device by simply saying things like “Ok Google, turn on the lights”.

To get started:

  • Enable Home Assistant Cloud
  • Install our skill for Google Assistant. As of this writing, the link is not live yet: you can find it by opening the Google Home app -> Home Control, tap on the blue + at the bottom right and find Hass.io in the list.
  • Optional: Tweak the devices that are getting exposed to Google Assistant.

Things to note:

  • The skill is called Hass.io, but will work with normal Home Assistant too. The name was necessary to avoid confusion between Home Assistant, Google Assistant and Google Home.
  • Works with Home Assistant 0.65.6 or later.
  • All message handling is done local and is open source.
  • If you have an Android device with Google Assistant, you can control your devices too.
  • Home Assistant 0.68 will introduce a button to the Cloud config panel to trigger a sync of available devices.

Home Assistant Cloud is still in open beta and free to use. Open beta period has been extended to June 1. Many thanks to Quadflight for providing the Raspberry Pis that Google used for physical testing and thanks to Arsaboo for helping with testing.