Translating Home Assistant


The Home Assistant sidebar in 12 different languages The Home Assistant sidebar in 12 different languages.


As mentioned in the 0.57 release notes, Home Assistant has launched a translated frontend. With the immediate influx of translations, we’ve made integration with a translation tool a top priority. @c727 took the initiative to evaluate several tools, and we’re happy to announce that Home Assistant will be partnering with Lokalise to manage our translations!

Lokalise allows us to open up translations for all of our multilingual users willing to contribute. Users can join the project using our public signup link, and start translating right away. We’ve created a translation startup guide with additional details about how to contribute. Instructions are provided there for how to request a new language.

Now that we have a system in place, expect a lot more of the interface to be translatable soon. We still have some technical hurdles to overcome, but the hardest work is behind us now. The community has already done an outstanding job of providing translations. The future is looking bright!