Notify using TTS

The notify TTS platform lets you use the TTS integration speak or legacy say service and a media_player to alert you of important events. This integration provides a simple interface to use in your automations and alerts.

In order to use this integration, you must already have a TTS platform installed and configured, and a media_player working with the TTS platform.

To enable this platform in your installation, consider the following example using google_translate and an example media_player.living_room.

In your configuration.yamlThe configuration.yaml file is the main configuration file for Home Assistant. It lists the integrations to be loaded and their specific configurations. In some cases, the configuration needs to be edited manually directly in the configuration.yaml file. Most integrations can be configured in the UI.[Learn more] file type:

  - platform: tts
    name: in_the_living_room
    entity_id: tts.google_en_com
    media_player: media_player.living_room

Configuration Variables

name string Required

The name of the notify service.

entity_id string (Exclusive)

The entity_id of the TTS entity to target. Either use entity_id or tts_service to target a TTS platform.

tts_service string (Exclusive)

The service_name of a TTS platform. Either use entity_id or tts_service to target a TTS platform.

media_player string Required

The entity_id of a media_player.

language string (Optional)

The language to be passed to the TTS speak or say service.