Notify using TTS

The notify TTS platform lets you use the TTS integration Service Say and a media_player to alert you of important events. This integration provides a simple interface to use in your automations and alerts.

In order to use this integration, you must already have a TTS platform installed and configured, and a media_player working with the TTS platform.

To enable this platform in your installation, consider the following example using google_translate and an example media_player.living_room.

In your configuration.yaml file type:

  - platform: google_translate
    service_name: google_translate_say

  - platform: tts
    name: in_the_living_room
    tts_service: tts.google_translate_say
    media_player: media_player.living_room

Please note that the tts_service parameter, must match the service_name defined in the TTS integration.

Configuration Variables

name string Required

The name of the notify service.

tts_service string Required

The service_name of a TTS platform.

media_player string Required

The entity_id of a media_player.

language string (Optional)

The language to be passed to the TTS Service Say