Google Sheets

The Google Sheets integration allows you to connect your Google Drive to Home Assistant. The integration adds a service to allow you to append rows to a Sheets document. The idea is that you can store data on there for further processing. When you set up a config entry, your drive will have a new sheet called Home Assistant. You can then rename this to whatever you like.

Note: The integration currently only has access to that one document that is created during setup.


You need to configure developer credentials to allow Home Assistant to access your Google Account. These credentials are the same as the ones for Nest, YouTube and Google Mail. These are not the same as the one for Google Calendar. If you have already set up the correct credentials, you can do step 1 and then skip to step 13 on the below instructions.


To add the Google Sheets integration to your Home Assistant instance, use this My button:

The integration setup will next give you instructions to enter the Application Credentials (OAuth Client ID and Client Secret) and authorize Home Assistant to access your Google Sheets.


If you have an error with your credentials you can delete them in the Application Credentials user interface.

Video Tutorial

This video tutorial explains how to set up the Google Sheets integration and how you can add data from Home Assistant to a Google Sheet.

Service google_sheets.append_sheet

You can use the service google_sheets.append_sheet to add a row of data to the Sheets document created at setup.