AVM FRITZ!Box Net Monitor

The fritzbox_netmonitor sensor monitors the network statistics exposed by AVM FRITZ!Box routers.


For this integration to function properly, you need to have “UPnP Statusinformation transfer” activated on the AVM FRITZ!Box. Please make sure you have that enabled.

To use the FRITZ!Box network monitor in your installation, add the following to your configuration.yaml file:

# Example configuration.yaml entry
  - platform: fritzbox_netmonitor

Configuration Variables

host string (Optional, default:

The IP address of your router, e.g., It is optional since every FRITZ!Box is also reachable by using the IP address

name string (Optional, default: fritz_netmonitor)

Give the sensor a friendly name for in the front-end.

The following statistics will be exposed as attributes.

Attribute Description
is_linked True if the FRITZ!Box is physically linked to the provider
is_connected True if the FRITZ!Box has established an internet-connection
external_ip External IP address
uptime Uptime in seconds
bytes_sent Bytes sent
bytes_received Bytes received
transmission_rate_up Current upstream speed in bytes/s
transmission_rate_down Current downstream speed in bytes/s
max_byte_rate_up Maximum upstream-rate in bytes/s
max_byte_rate_down Maximum downstream-rate in bytes/s

The sensor’s state corresponds to the is_linked attribute and is either online, offline, or unavailable (in case connection to the router is lost).