Apple Push Notification Service (APNS)

The apns platform uses the Apple Push Notification service (APNS) to deliver notifications from Home Assistant.


To use the APNS service you will need an Apple developer account and you will need to create an app to receive push notifications. For more information, see the Apple developer documentation.


To enable APNS notifications, add the following lines to your configuration.yaml:

# Example configuration.yaml entry
  platform: apns
  cert_file: cert_file.pem
  topic: topic

Configuration Variables

name string Required

The name of the notifier. The notifier will bind to the service notify.NOTIFIER_NAME.

cert_file string Required

The certificate to use to authenticate with the APNS service.

topic string Required

The app bundle ID specified in the certificate.

sandbox boolean (Optional, default: false)

If true notifications will be sent to the sandbox (test) notification service.

The APNS platform will register two services, notify.NOTIFIER_NAME and apns.apns_NOTIFIER_NAME.


This service will register device IDs with Home Assistant. In order to receive a notification a device must be registered. The app on the device can use this service to send an ID to Home Assistant during startup, the ID will be stored in [NOTIFIER_NAME]_apns.yaml.

See didRegisterForRemoteNotificationsWithDeviceToken in the Apple developer documentation for more information about how to obtain a device ID.


This service will send messages to a registered device. The following parameters can be used:

  • message: The message to send.

  • target: The desired state of the device, only devices that match the state will receive messages. To enable state tracking a registered device must have a tracking_device_id attribute added to the [NOTIFIER_NAME]_apns.yaml file. If this ID matches a device in known_devices.yaml the device state will be tracked.

  • data:

    • badge: The number to display as the badge of the app icon.
    • sound: The name of a sound file in the app bundle or in the Library/Sounds folder.
    • category: Provide this key with a string value that represents the identifier property of the UIMutableUserNotificationCategory.
    • content_available: Provide this key with a value of 1 to indicate that new content is available.