WirelessTag Switch

To get your wirelesstag.net switches working within Home Assistant, please follow the instructions for the general WirelessTag component.

To enable tags set up with your wirelesstag.net account, add the following to your configuration.yaml file:

# Example configuration.yaml entry
  - platform: wirelesstag
      - motion
      - humidity

Configuration Variables


(list)(Required)The metrics types to control; valid values are specified below

The following metrics can be controlled:

  • (temperature): Control arm/disarm temperature monitoring.
  • (humidity): Control arm/disarm humidity monitoring.
  • (motion): Control arm/disarm motion and door open/close events monitoring.
  • (light): Control monitoring of light changes.
  • (moisture): Control monitoring of water level/soil moisture for water sensor.

Arm/Disarm of motion switch is required to receive motion and door binary sensors events. Others are only needed if you want to receive push notifications from tags on a specific range of changes in temperature, humidity, light or moisture.