Nest Sensor

The nest sensor platform lets you monitor sensors connected to your Nest devices.

You must have the Nest component configured to use these sensors. The sensors will be setup if the nest component is configured and the required configuration for the nest sensor is set.


To enable sensors and customize which sensors are setup, you can extend the Nest component configuration in your configuration.yaml file with the following settings:

# Example configuration.yaml entry
      - 'temperature'
      - 'target'

By default all sensors for your available Nest devices will be monitored. Leave monitored_conditions blank to disable all sensors for the Nest component.

Configuration Variables


(list)(Optional)States to monitor.

The following conditions are available by device:

  • Nest Home:
    • eta: Estimated time of arrival.
    • security_state: ok or deter. Security State. Only available when Nest Camera exists.
  • Nest Thermostat:
    • humidity
    • operation_mode
    • temperature
    • target
    • hvac_state: The currently active state of the HVAC system, heating, cooling, or off.
  • Nest Protect:
    • co_status: Ok, Warning, or Emergency
    • smoke_status: Ok, Warning, or Emergency
    • battery_health: Ok or Replace
    • color_status: gray, green, yellow, or red. Indicates device status by color in the Nest app UI. It is an aggregate condition for battery+smoke+CO states, and reflects the actual color indicators displayed in the Nest app.
  • Nest Camera: none

Security State

This feature is not designed to transfer your Home Assistant to a security system, neither Home Assistant nor Nest be liable to You for damages, or consequential damages of any character arising as a result of use this feature. This feature does not depend on the Nest Secure alarm system and is not a reflection of the status of that system, nor does it react to state changes in that system.

This feature uses a new Nest Security API. You may need to change your “Product” permission setting to include Security State Read. After this permission change, you may need to re-authorize your client.

If a Nest Cam detects the presence of a person (see person_detected in binary_sensor.nest) while the structure is in away mode (see away in binary_sensor.nest), the structure enters deter mode.

A deter state is re-evaluated after several minutes and relaxed to ok if no further person_detected events have occurred.

The security_state automatically switches to ok when the structure state is home.