Minut Point

The Point component is the main component to integrate the Minut Point. To connect Point, you will have to sign up for a developer account and get a client_id and client_secret using the callback url as base_url + /api/minut, e.g., http://localhost:8123/api/minut. The client_id and client_secret should be used as below.

Once Home Assistant is started, a configurator will pop up asking you to Authenticate your Point account via a link when you follow the link and have clicked on Accept you will be redirected to the callback url and the Point integration will be automatically configured and you can go back to the original dialog and press Submit.


# Example configuration.yaml entry
  client_id: CLIENT_ID
  client_secret: CLIENT_SECRET

Configuration Variables


(string)(Required)Your Minut Point developer client ID.


(string)(Required)Your Minut Point developer client secret.

The Point is just active occasionally so the sensors are only updated every hour or so. The events sent from the Point is sent as a webhook back to Home Assistant with event_type as point_webhook_received, please consider the documentation for the IFTT component on how to write automations for webhooks.