Honeywell evohome CH/DHW Controller

The evohome climate platform integrates your EU-based Honeywell Connect Comfort CH/DHW controller into Home Assistant, enabling control of its operating mode.

It is related to the honeywell climate component](/components/, which allows limited integration with evohome Heating zones. These two components should be usuable side-by-side, but YMMV.

The evohome evotouch controller supports seven distict modes: Auto, AutoWithEco, Away, DayOff, HeatingOff, and Custom; AutoWithReset is a 7th, hidden, mode.

Currently, only the standard HA operating modes are supported: ‘Eco’ (AutoWithEco), and ‘Off’ (HeatingOff), and ‘Auto’ (all other evohome modes). ‘Away’ (Away) mode is supported separately.

The actual operating modes are tracked/reported via device_state_attributes.

Full configuration details can be found on the main evohome component page.