Honeywell evohome/TCC Climate devices

The evohome climate platform integrates your non-US Honeywell Total Connect Comfort (TCC) system into Home Assistant. It has been tested with the Honeywell evohome multi-zone CH/DHW system, but other systems may also work.

It is distinct from - but related to - the honeywell climate platform, which also allows (limited) integration with Honeywell Connected thermostats; these two components may well be usable side-by-side, but YMMV.

The evohome evotouch Controller supports seven distict operating modes: Auto, AutoWithEco, Away, DayOff, HeatingOff, and Custom; AutoWithReset is a 7th, hidden, mode.

Currently, only the standard HA operating modes are supported; the evohome modes are mapped thus: ‘Eco’ (AutoWithEco), ‘Off’ (HeatingOff), and ‘Auto’ (all other evohome modes). ‘Away’ mode is supported separately, in the HA fashion.

The evohome Heating zones support only three operating modes: FollowSchedule, TemporaryOverride, and PermanentOverride. If the zone is in FollowSchedule mode, it inherits its operating_mode from the controller; the other modes are mapped to ‘Manual’ or ‘Off’.

A device’s actual operating mode can be tracked via its device_state_attributes, which includes a JSON data structure for current state called status. For example:

	'zoneId': '999999',
	'temperatureStatus': {
		'temperature': 21.5,
		'isAvailable': true
	'activeFaults': [],
	'setpointStatus': {
		'targetHeatTemperature': 17.5,
		'setpointMode': 'FollowSchedule'
	'name': 'Main Room'

This data can be accessed in automations, etc., via a value template:

value_template: "{{ state_attr('climate.main_room', 'status').setpointStatus.setpointMode }}"

Full configuration details can be found on the main evohome component page.