WirelessTag Binary Sensor

To get your wirelesstag.net binary sensors working within Home Assistant, please follow the instructions for the general WirelessTag component.

To enable tags set up with your wirelesstag.net account, add the following to your configuration.yaml file:

# Example configuration.yaml entry
  - platform: wirelesstag
      - presence
      - door
      - low_battery

Configuration Variables


(list)(Required)The conditions types to monitor; valid values are specified below

The following conditions can be monitored:

  • (presence): On means in range, Off means out of range.
  • (motion): On when a movement was detected, Off when clear.
  • (door): On when a door is open, Off when the door is closed.
  • (cold): On means temperature become too cold, Off means normal.
  • (heat): On means hot, Off means normal.
  • (dry): On means too dry (humidity), Off means normal.
  • (wet): On means too wet (humidity), Off means normal.
  • (light): On means light detected, Off means no light.
  • (moisture): On means moisture detected (wet), Off means no moisture (dry).
  • (low_battery): On means tag battery is low, Off means normal.