AfterShip Sensor

The aftership platform allows one to track deliveries by AfterShip, a service that supports 490+ couriers worldwide. It is free to use up to 100 tracked packages per month, after that there is a fee.

The sensor value shows the number of packages that are not in Delivered state. As attributes are the number of packages per status.


To use this sensor, you need an AfterShip Account and set up an API Key. To set up an API Key go to AfterShip API page, and copy existing key or generate a new one.

AfterShip recently started requiring having a credit card on file even if you are only using the free plan. That does not change the functionality of the platform, just something to be aware of.


To enable this sensor, add the following lines to your configuration.yaml:

  - platform: aftership

Configuration Variables


(string)(Optional)The sensor name to use in the frontend.

Default value: aftership


(string)(Required)The API key for AfterShip.

This component retrieves data from AfterShip public REST API, but the component is not affiliated with AfterShip.