Community Highlights: 21st edition


The 21st edition of the Home Assistant Community Highlights! Some interesting things popped up around our community, we thought was worth sharing.

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Intern on Home Assistant Energy

Blueprint of the week

Imagine, you are listening to music and suddenly you get a call, then of course you first want to turn the music down a bit to understand the person, what if we automate that with a blueprint!

This week’s blueprint is that of JackPoint, which will mute your media player when you receive a call and are at home. Try it out! Read more about it on the community forum or install this automation in your instance with a click on the My button!

Would you rather not have the media player muted but, for example, paused or take another action? More variants can be found on the Blueprint Exchange!

Car Telemetry

A few editions earlier we had shown the dashboard of Make_Itt_Work and it contained telemetry data from his car. The question was of course how does he do that?! Well, that question now has an answer, a video has come online with all the details.

Shower Duration

We’ve talked enough about saving energy, but using water efficiently is just as important. With the project from farstreet, which consists of some hardware and an automation, you could time how long you are in the shower and indicate with a LED light how long you have been under it.

Finished taking a shower? Then you can hear what your shower time was through a media player.

Mine Assistant

This item is especially nice for the Minecraft players, Andy has managed to switch a light in Home Assistant by means of a redstone block in Minecraft! In the Reddit post you can find more information about this project, as well code to get started yourself.

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