Community Highlights: 17th edition


For me personally a small milestone: it’s already the 10th community highlight that I have written. Please let me know in the comments what you think. Some interesting things popped up again around our community, that I thought was worth sharing.

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Blueprint of the week

It may have happened to everyone, the washing machine has finished and you have completely forgotten to take it out. We could probably do something with that with a blueprint.

With the blueprint from Sbyx you put a smart plug on the washing machine and you get a notification when the laundry is ready. Read more about it on the community forum or install this automation in your instance with a click on the My button!

Bonus side effect: if your smart plug can measure energy, you also immediately know what it uses and how much a wash has cost you. Give it a try!

Battery state card

Do you want to keep an eye on all your battery powered devices? Then try the battery state card from maxwroc, so that you can see by means of a color which device is almost empty and it’s time for a battery replacement.

Lovelace Dashboard

Also this week we have a new Lovelace dashboard for the necessary portion of inspiration 😄 This time it has become that of FreakLikeMe0991, which, like last week’s dashboard, mainly focuses on the use from a mobile device.

New >3 Click Mobile Dashboard - Work in Progress from r/homeassistant

Would you also like your dashboard to be in the community highlight? Drop it on Reddit and maybe I’ll pick it out for the next edition.

Holodeck Project

We also came across a very cool project on our community forum namely the Holodeck, made by smowk: a smart assistant in your kitchen. It projects images (like a Lovelace dashboard or cooking video) onto your kitchen cupboard and could be operated by voice. You can read a lot more about it here.


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