Community Highlights: 9th edition


The 9th edition of the Home Assistant Community Highlights! Some interesting things popped up around our community, we thought was worth sharing.

But before we move on to the highlights of this week, let’s start with a little hooray because yesterday both Pascal Vizeli and I had their birthday!

Hip hip hooray! 🎂🥳


O and would you like to keep track of your birthdays in Home Assistant? Then try this custom integration of Miicroo.

Help each other with any question

Last week, we found a burning question on the Home Assistant subreddit forum from Horror_Fondant_7165. Some paint had gotten on his curtain and he just can’t get the paint stain out of his curtain.

Maybe we can give him some community love and help with his question? 😄

I accidentally got some paint on a curtain in my house, it’s oil paint, how do I get it out without taking my curtain down? from r/homeassistant

DSMR Reader add-on

Good news for those who would like to get started with DSMR Reader! sanderdw has made an add-on so that you can easily use it with Home Assistant. Please note, the add-on is still in an Alpha state.

Screenshot from the DSMR Reader add-on

Laundry card

Would you like to display the state of your smart washing machine (such as an LG ThinQ) in a fun way in Lovelace? Perhaps the example below could inspire you. You can find the Lovelace YAML code here.

Took some trickery but my laundry card is done from r/homeassistant

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