Home Assistant Companion for Android 1.5.0


Today we’re releasing Home Assistant Companion for Android 1.5.0. This is a great release with some cool new features and new collaborators joining in on the fun!

Big thanks in this release goes to our Android lead @JBassett who has been squashing a ton of bugs, added support for the status bar to adopt the application theme and fixed finding existing Home Assistant instances on the network.

A cool new feature that has been added is a new home screen widget. Use it to quickly trigger your favorite scripts, scenes or any other service in Home Assistant. Thanks to @KBerstene for the initial implementation and @JBassett for polishing the configuration screen.

For all you people that want to run the Home Assistant app on a tablet on the wall, good news! Thanks to @neopilou there is now a new option to make the app full screen.

To get the most out of our apps for Android and iOS, check the Home Assistant Companion website.

Enjoy the new release! Don’t forget to leave a rating if you like the app, it will help other users find the app.

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