Hassbian 1.3 - A bit of a stretch


This new release finally brings us the release of Hassbian based on the release of Raspbian Stretch. The most significant change with this is that we now run Home Assistant on Python 3.5. Other than that the changes are mostly to our tool hassbian-config.


To allow you to customize your installation further, we have made a few additions to our tool called hassbian-config. Majority of these changes where contributed by @Ludeeus.

Upgrade scripts

@Ludeeus contributed the possibility to run upgrade scripts to the hassbian-config tool.

  • Upgrade Hassbian: Upgrades packages of the base operating system. Contributed by @Landrash.
  • Upgrade Hassbian-script: Downloads and upgrades the latest release of Hassbian-scripts. Contributed by @Ludeeus.
  • Upgrade Home-assistant: Upgrades the Home Assistant installation to the latest release. Contributed by @Ludeeus.

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To get started with the new image, check out the installation instructions on the installing Hassbian page.