Ubee Router

This platform offers presence detection by looking at connected devices to a Ubee Router.

To use a Ubee router in your installation, add the following to your configuration.yaml file:

# Example configuration.yaml entry
  - platform: ubee

Configuration Variables

model string (Optional, default: detect)

Ubee Router model, e.g., EVW32C-0N. If omitted, model will be detected automatically.

host string Required

The IP address of your router, e.g.,

username string Required

The username of a user with administrative privileges, usually admin.

password string Required

The password for your given admin account.

Supported models:

  • Ambit EVW320B
  • Ambit EVW321B
  • Ubee DDW36C
  • Ubee DVW32CB
  • Ubee EVW3200-Wifi
  • Ubee EVW3226 (UPC)
  • Ubee EVW32C-0N

This integration uses pyUbee library, which was tested with models listed above. If you have different model of Ubee Router and it doesn’t work with this component, please create pyUbee issue to request for support for your model.

By default, Home Assistant pulls information about connected devices from Ubee router every 5 seconds. See the device tracker integration page for instructions on how to configure the people to be tracked.