This Switcher integration allows you to control the Switcher V2 Water Heater.

To enable it, add an entry to your configuration.yaml according to the following configuration instructions.

To retrieve your device’s details, please follow the instructions here.

Please note, the Switcher-V2-Python script is written in python 2.7 syntax, it won't run with python 3.x.
Please note, for the Switcher-V2-Python script to run successfully, you need to configure your device to work locally.

Configuration Variables



The device’s phone id.



The device’s id.



The device’s password.

Switch State Attributes

Attribute Type Description Example
friendly_name string Defaults to the device’s configured name. “Switcher Boiler”
auto_off_set string The auto shutdown time limit configured on the device. “01:30:00”
remaining_time string Time remaining to shutdown (auto or timer). “01:29:41”
electric_current float The electric current in amps. 12.5
current_power_w integer The current power used in watts. 2756

Please note, the following attributes are not eligible when the device is off and therefore will not appear as state attributes: remaining_time, electric_current, current_power_w.


Service: switcher_kis.set_auto_off

You can use the switcher_kis.set_auto_off service to set the auto-off configuration setting for the device.

Meaning the device will turn itself off when reaching the auto-off configuration limit.

Service Field Mandatory Description Example
entity_id Yes Name of the entity id associated with the integration, used for permission validation. switch.switcher_kis_boiler
auto_off Yes Time period string containing hours and minutes. “02:30”