The Monzo integrationIntegrations connect and integrate Home Assistant with your devices, services, and more. [Learn more] allows you to connect your Monzo bank accounts to Home Assistant.

Prerequisites and approval

  1. Before adding the Monzo integration, you’ll need to create a Monzo developer account.

  2. From here, you need to create a new OAuth client for Home Assistant to use by going to Clients > New OAuth Client.

  3. Then, fill in the form as follows, making sure to copy the URL shown - don’t replace it with your own URL:

    • Name: Home Assistant
    • Logo URL: This can be left blank
    • Redirect URLs:
    • Description: For example: Used by the Monzo Home Assistant Integration
    • Confidentiality: Confidential
  4. Once submitted, you can proceed with adding the integration.

    • Go to Settings > Devices & services, and add the Monzo integration.
    • Fill in the OAuth details for the client you’ve created in the Monzo developer portal.
    • Important - After authorizing Home Assistant access via email, for security you’ll also need to verify again from within the Monzo app.
      • A reminder to do this will be displayed in Home Assistant before completing the installation - don’t proceed until you’ve done this from the popup in the mobile app.
      • If you’ve forgotten to do this, the integration will fail to load, but you can simply accept the popup and reload the integration without entering your details again.


To add the Monzo integration to your Home Assistant instance, use this My button:

Adding a second account

  1. To add a second Monzo account in Home Assistant, repeat the above process for creating an OAuth client.
  2. Then, in Home Assistant, add the new credentials before trying to add the new entry.
    • In the top right of Devices & Services page, select the three dot menu, open Application Credentials, and select Add application credentials
    • It is recommended to include the person’s name in the Name field so you can distinguish it later.
  3. Once added, you can return to Devices & Services > Monzo > Add Entry to proceed with authentication.


The integration will create a device for each of your accounts and pots. For an account or a pot, you’ll have:

  • Balance: The current balance of the account.

Additionally, an account will also have:

  • Total Balance: The current balance of that account plus all of its pots.