The MessageBird notification platform sends notifications as SMS messages using MessageBird to your mobile phone.


Go to MessageBird to retrieve your API key.


To enable MessageBird notifications in your installation, add the following to your configuration.yaml file:

# Example configuration.yaml entry
    platform: message_bird
    api_key: YOUR_API_KEY

Configuration Variables

api_key string Required

Your MessageBird API key.

name string (Optional, default: notify)

Setting the optional parameter name allows multiple notifiers to be created. The notifier will bind to the service notify.NOTIFIER_NAME.

sender string (Optional, default: HA)

Setting the optional parameter sender. This will be the sender of the SMS. It may be either a telephone number (e.g., +4915112345678) or a text with a maximum length of 11 characters.


MessageBird is a notify platform and thus can be controlled by calling the notify service as described here. It will send a notification to the specified mobile phone number(s).

Example service payload

  "message": "A message for many people",
  "target": [ "+49123456789", "+43123456789" ]