Loop Energy

Loop Energy has said that on November 13, 2020, they will switch off the servers which this integration uses. This integration will stop working then.

Integrate your Loop Energy meter information into Home Assistant. To use this sensor you need the client serial number and secret keys for your devices.

The library used to get the data isn’t officially supported and the only way to get the keys is to log into loop energy’s website and type a command into your browser console.

To do this log into Loop Energy. Once you’re logged in you should be able see your live readings on the web page.

You can then open your browser’s console window, how you do this varies by browser but in Chrome you click on `More Tools / Developer Tools’ and click on the console window. You then type:


This should show something like

client_ip: ""
gas_secret: "GAS_SECRET"
gas_serial: "GAS_SERIAL"
host: "www.your-loop.com"

The serial and secret tokens are the ones you need. If you just have an electricity monitor then you won’t see the gas keys.

Now you have the keys, add the following lines to your configuration.yaml, replacing the *_SERIAL and *_SECRET keys with the ones you found in the console:

# Example configuration.yaml entry
  - platform: loopenergy
      electricity_serial: "ELECTRICAL_SERIAL"
      electricity_secret: "ELECTRICAL_SECRET"
      gas_serial: "GAS_SERIAL"
      gas_secret: "GAS_SECRET"

Configuration Variables

electricity_serial string Required

Serial number of your electricity sensor.

electricity_secret string Required

Secret key for your electricity sensor.

gas_serial string Required

Serial number for your gas sensor.

gas_secret string Required

Secret key for your gas sensor.

gas_type string (Optional, default: metric)

Type of meter imperial or metric.

gas_calorific float (Optional, default: 39.11)

Calorific value of your gas supply (usually on your gas bill).

The electricity readings are updated every 10 seconds and the gas readings every 15 minutes.

The gas readings are experimental and not all gas meters are properly supported. So if the data you see doesn’t agree with the readings you see via loop energy please report an issue.