Husqvarna Automower

The Husqvarna Automower integration provides connectivity with Husqvarna Automowers lawn mowers through Husqvarna’s cloud API. Only mowers with Automower® Connect or with the Automower® Connect Module are supported.

In order to use this integration you must properly configure OAuth2 credentials using your Husqvarna account. Refer to this guide for general overview of the process. Your Husqvarna account username/password used for the Automower® Connect phone app is required. Most users probably created a Husqvarna account during initial mower setup.

  1. Go to the Husqvarna Developer Portal and sign in with your Husqvarna account. Authorize Developer Portal to access Husqvarna account when prompted.

  2. After signing in you will be automatically redirected to “My applications”. (Otherwise go to: Applications)

  3. Create a new application:

    • Name is required but can be anything, for example “My Home Assistant”

    • Description is optional

    • Redirect URL: Make sure no extra spaces were appended at end of URL from copy and paste.

    Create new Application

    • Click CREATE. Application Key and Application Secret will be generated and shown. Protect these like a username and password.
  4. Click on CONNECT NEW API and connect the Authentication API. Authentication API*

  5. Click on CONNECT NEW API again and connect the Automower Connect API. Automower Connect API

  6. Leave this tab open in browser and continue with Home Assistant configuration. Application Overview

Home Assistant

The My Home Assistant redirect feature needs to be setup to redirect to your Home Assistant installation. See My FAQ for additional information.

  1. Add the integration to your Home Assistant installation and test the redirect feature by following below link: my_button

  2. Acknowledge prompts to open link, install Husqvarna Automower integration.

  3. Acknowledge prompt to setup application credentials.

  4. Enter the following from the Husqvarna developer tab:

    • A name of the application
    • Copy and paste the Application key into the OAuth Client ID field
    • Copy and paste the Application secret into the OAuth Client Secret field
  5. Click Create

  6. Browser will be redirected to Husqvarna Developer site. Sign in and Authorize the integration to connect with your Husqvarna account

  7. After authorizing the integration the browser will show the My Home Assistant redirect link to link this account. Click on Link Account.

  8. Confirm successful connection of mower and assign to an area.


To add the Husqvarna Automower integration to your Home Assistant instance, use this My button:


Once you have enabled the Husqvarna Automower integration, you should see the following entities:

Binary sensor

The integration will create the following binary sensors:

  • Battery charging
    The mower is currently charging. It reports this state if it autonomously returned to the dock due to low battery and if it leaves the dock for mowing after being fully charged.
  • Leaving dock
    The mower is currently leaving the charging station and heading out to a starting point.
  • Returning to dock
    The mower is on its way home to the charging station.

Device tracker (if available)

The integration will create a device tracker entity to show the position of the mower.

Lawn mower

The integration will create a lawn mower entity to control the mower. This entity can:

  • Resume the schedule
  • Pause mowing
  • Park until next schedule

Select (if available)

The integration will create a select entity for selecting the headlight mode of the mower.


The integration will create the following sensors:

  • Battery level
  • Cutting blade usage time (if available)
  • Mode
  • Next start
  • Number of charging cycles
  • Number of collisions
  • Total charging time
  • Total cutting time
  • Total drive distance
  • Total running time
  • Total searching time


The integration will create a switch to enable or disable the schedule of the mower. If the switch is on, the mower will mow according to the schedule. If the switch is off the mower will return to the dock and park until further notice.