Govee lights local

Integrates Govee lights into Home Assistant using Local API control.

To enable local control on your Govee device, refer to the instructions available here.


To add the Govee lights local integration to your Home Assistant instance, use this My button:

Supported devices

H6046, H6047, H6051, H6052, H6056, H6059, H6061, H6062, H6065, H6066, H6067, H6072, H6073, H6076, H6078, H6087, H6088, H608A, H608B, H610A, H610B, H6117, H6159, H615E, H6163, H6168, H6172, H6173, H618A, H618C, H618E, H618F, H619A, H619B, H619C, H619D, H619E, H619Z, H61A0, H61A1, H61A2, H61A3, H61A5, H61A8, H61B2, H61B5, H61BE, H61C3, H61D3, H61E1, H7012, H7013, H7020, H7021, H7028, H7041, H7042, H7050, H7051, H7055, H705A, H705B, H7060, H7061, H7062, H7065, H706A, H70C1