Xiaomi router

The xiaomi platform offers presence detection by looking at connected devices to a Xiaomi router.


To use an Xiaomi router in your installation, add the following to your configuration.yamlThe configuration.yaml file is the main configuration file for Home Assistant. It lists the integrations to be loaded and their specific configurations. In some cases, the configuration needs to be edited manually directly in the configuration.yaml file. Most integrations can be configured in the UI.[Learn more] file:

# Example configuration.yaml entry
  - platform: xiaomi
    host: YOUR_ROUTER_IP

Configuration Variables

host string Required

The IP address of your router, e.g.,

username string (Optional, default: admin)

The admin username.

password string Required

The password for the admin account.

See the device tracker integration page for instructions how to configure the people to be tracked.

Compatibility test

To ensure that your router is compatible, navigate to http://YOUR_ROUTER_IP/api/misystem/devicelist. You should see a listing of the device currently connected to your router.

However, some users report that even when the previous URL does not work, they have been able to integrate their Mi Router 3 in Home Assistant. E.g., some users with the Mi Router 3 and firmware version 2.10.46 Stable have integrated their routers successfully and an alternative URL to test integration with is http://YOUR_ROUTER_IP/cgi-bin/luci/api/misystem/devicelist. Navigating to this page should show the {"code":401,"msg":"Invalid token"} message.