The Bond integration allows you to control appliances through your Bond Bridge. Duplicates your RF remote control.

Supported devices (see Requirements section below):

  • Ceiling fans
  • Shades
  • Fireplaces


To use Bond controlled devices in your installation, add your Bond hub host and access token from the integrations page. Instructions for how to obtain an access token can be found on the Bond Local API documentation, which includes a section for how to obtain the IP address of the device which you will need to obtain the access token.

Menu: Configuration -> Integrations.

Click on the + sign to add an integration and click on Bond (use typeahead if necessary). After completing the configuration flow, the Bond integration will be available.


This integration supports Bond bridges with firmware v2.10.x and up. Bond bridges with firmware v2.9.x and lower will not work correctly. Please upgrade your firmware from Bond app before adding this integration.