Bosch BMP280 Environmental Sensor

The bmp280 sensor platform allows you to read temperature and pressure values of a Bosch BMP280 Environmental sensor connected via I2C bus (SDA, SCL pins).

This integration has been tested on a Raspberry Pi 4B, but it should work on any device which is supported by CircuitPython.


To use a BMP280 sensor in your installation, you have to enable I2C on your host device then configure the integration using the following example:

  - platform: bmp280
    i2c_address: 0x77

Configuration Variables

name string (Optional, default: BMP280)

The name of the sensor.

i2c_address integer Required

I2C address of the sensor. It is either 0x76 or 0x77, depending on your actual wiring configuration.

Setting up the I2C interface on the host device

To get more information on how to set up the I2C interface on your Raspberry Pi, please refer to the BME680 sensor integration.

Choosing the appropriate I2C address

Please note that the I2C address of this device depends on the state of the SDO pin. If it is pulled down (to the GND rail) it will be 0x76, if it’s pulled up (to the VCC rail) it will be 0x77.

If you leave it floating then the address will be unpredictable or even worse, it can change over time. So it is recommended to hook up this pin to either the positive or the negative rail of your host device.