Integrate your Efergy meter information into Home Assistant. To get an app token:

  1. Log in to your efergy account

  2. Go to the Settings page

  3. Click on App tokens

  4. Click “Add token”

# Example configuration.yaml entry
  - platform: efergy
    app_token: APP_TOKEN
    utc_offset: UTC_OFFSET
      - type: instant_readings
      - type: budget
      - type: cost
        period: day
        currency: $
      - type: amount
        period: day
      - type: current_values

Configuration variables:

  • app_token (Required): The App Token for your account.
  • utc_offset (Required): Some variables (currently only the daily_cost) require that the negative number of minutes your timezone is ahead/behind UTC time.
  • monitored_variables array (Required): Variables to monitor.
    • type (Required): Name of the variable.
      • instant_readings: Instant energy consumption.
      • budget: Monthly budget.
      • cost: The cost for energy consumption (with the tariff that has been set in Efergy) over a given period.
      • amount: The amount of energy consumed over a given period.
      • current_values: This returns the current energy usage of each device on your account, as efergy_<sid of device>. If you only have one device in your account, this is effectively the same as instant_readings.
    • period (Optional): Some variables take a period argument. Valid options are “day”, “week”, “month”, and “year”.
    • currency (Optional): This is used to display the cost/period as the unit when monitoring the cost. It should correspond to the actual currency used in your dashboard.