The Roku component allows integration of Roku, which will be automatically discovered if you enable the discovery component.

There is currently support for the following device types within Home Assistant:

  • Media Player
  • Remote

The roku component can also be forced to load by adding the following lines to your configuration.yaml:

# Example configuration.yaml entry
  - host: IP_ADDRESS

Configuration Variables


(string)(Optional)Set the IP address of the Roku device. Use only if you don’t want to autodiscover devices.


Service roku_scan

Scans the local network for Rokus. All found devices are presented as a persistent notification.


The roku remote platform allows you to send remote control buttons to a Roku device. It is automatically set up when a Roku is configured.

At the moment, the following buttons are supported:

  • back
  • backspace
  • channel_down
  • channel_up
  • down
  • enter
  • find_remote
  • forward
  • home
  • info
  • input_av1
  • input_hdmi1
  • input_hdmi2
  • input_hdmi3
  • input_hdmi4
  • input_tuner
  • left
  • literal
  • play
  • power
  • replay
  • reverse
  • right
  • search
  • select
  • up
  • volume_down
  • volume_mute
  • volume_up

A typical service call for pressing several buttons looks like this.

service: remote.send_command
  entity_id: remote.roku
    - left
    - left
    - select